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Remote Production

Especially now, when safety is the first priority, we have systems in place to allow remote engagement in every stage of the creative process, from pre-production to shooting, to post-production and delivery.

An efficient and trusted remote pipeline has been in Aggressive’s DNA for years, allowing us to collaborate with the best and brightest minds from all around the globe, hand picking just the right artists for each job. We’re proud to have the best of the best.

Aggressive has always been set up as a remote powerhouse with many of our lead artists logging in remotely, so our pipeline is functioning at 100% capacity, and our day to day remains largely unchanged.

This versatility extends to our live-action production, from pre-production to shooting, to post-production and delivery. We follow the Industry Standard Guidelines Covid safety protocols outlined in “The Safe Way Forward” drafted by the Film Labor Unions including IATSE and SAG. Reach out with any questions or production needs, or for information on our specific safety protocols — we’re here and happy collaborate on solutions for your next project.
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