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"Red Wings Arena"

For Chevrolet we crafted a slew of design-driven automotive visuals to be displayed on the most unusual canvas – a 600ft long irregular screen encircling the entire LCA Stadium in Detroit.

To showcase Chevy’s 2019 line up at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit we created 3 hero films as well as a cohesive Chevrolet inspired visual aesthetic, which we subsequently adapted across a variety of screens throughout the stadium, ranging from a 600ft Jewel Wrap Screen to 360 stadium LED ribbons and exterior jumbotrons.
The Design
To create an immersive brand experience we combined brand-colors with the Jewel Wrap-inspired facet design, while ensuring that each film and model had their own exceptional personality. When depicting visuals of such a massive scale and in a media heavy environment, allowing time to grab the attention of the passerby is key, so we developed a fully 3D approach to craft an eye-catching intro ahead of our main content and engaged the physical architecture of the Jewel Screen facade itself, creating exciting and immersive large scale "Trompe l’oleil" illusions of depth and perspective, all to catch the viewers attention and introduce our fast paced main content.
The Tech
The Jewel Wrap screen is a one-of-a-kind architectural medium – at over 600’ long and driven by 20 projectors, it allows uniquely exciting opportunities for striking visual experiences, while presenting its own set of distinctive technical challenges. With only parts of the screen visible from any particular vantage point in the atrium, we crafted a dynamic framework that allowed our key content to play simultaneously across multiple sections of the Jewel Wrap. What looks great from one vantage point, might not be as convincing once you travel 15 feet away; so we split the jewel wrap into multiple sections, each with its own perspective.
Screen Length – 600’ft
Number of Projectors - 20
Resolution – 16128 x 1022
Tech 01
Chevy 01
Chevy 02
Chevy 03
Chevy 04
Chevy 06
Chevy 06
Chevy 07
Chevy 08
Chevy 08
Chevy 08
Chevy 09
Chevy 10
Chevy 11
Chevy 12
Chevy 20
Chevy 22
Chevy 21
Chevy 23
Chevy 25
Chevy 24
Chevy 26
Around The LCA
Chevy LCA 06
Chevy LCA 05
Chevy LCA 02
Chevy LCA 04
Chevy LCA 03
Chevy LCA 01

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Directed by:
Creative Directors:
Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro, Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov, Federico Gonzalez, Mathieu Felix, Javier Pinto
Art Director:
Alex Mikhaylov
Alexander Aab
Projection Support:
Brandon Epperson
Danil Krivoruchko
Lead Animator:
Dmitriy Paukov
3D Animation:
Dan Garrote
Artemy Perevertin, Dmitriy Paukov, Alexey Komarov
Modelling, Texturing:
Roman Senko, E.D. Satan
Filipp Gorbachev, Max Chelyadnikov
Max Chelyadnikov, Filipp Gorbachev, Felipe Kenji, Dan Shapiro
2D Animation:
Felipe Kenji
Post Supervision:
Won Cha, Camila Araujo
Storyboard Artist:
Anton Antonov
Sound Design:
Sizzle DP:
Yaniv Glazer
Sizzle Colorist:
Dominik Deras
Javier Devitt, Jason Yantz

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