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Dick's Sporting Goods

This holiday campaign was all about taking the diverse range of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ products, and bringing them to life in unexpected edgy ways. Taking cues from TikTok choreography - we played with recognizable dance moves and video stunts, giving the products swagger through lovingly crafted in-camera stop-motion animation.

Social Media Loops & Stills
Dicks 01
Dicks 2
Dicks 3
Dicks 4
Dicks 5
Dicks 6
Behind The Scenes

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Dick’s Sporting Goods
Directed by:
Creative Directors:
Salman Sajun, Dan Shapiro, Alex Topaller
Exec. Producer:
Alex Aab
Supercut Editor:
Jason Yantz
2d Animation Direction, Compositing:
Riccardo Albertini
2d Animation:
Bojan Milinkovic
Post Producer:
Dustin Pownall
Production Coordinator:
Won Cha
Sound Design:
Wesley Slover
Animation Director:
Heston L'Abbé
Stop Motion Producer:
Hussain Alladin
Associate Producer:
Catherine Chebeia
Stop-Motion Lead Animator:
Anna Berezowsky
Stop-Motion Animators:
Laura Venditti, Laura Stewart
Gauthier Mignot
Rigging Specialist:
Christopher Carletti
Animation Consultant:
Eric Goulet
Production Designer:
Dominic Lehoux
Production Assistants:
Sarah Mance, Marie Rose Vermette, Marie Jou Costales
Social Media Research:
Marianne Stamatelos, Marie Rose Vermette
Stop Motion Editor:
Matthew Richards
Stop Motion Editing Assistants:
Maya Chaudhry, Marie Jou Costales
Dance Talent:
Mélissa Menard

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