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Nord 2 5G

To launch OnePlus’ Nord 2 5G phone we directed a three-chapter, visually forward film that flips between strikingly beautiful real-world settings, and completely re-mixed collage environments that break all conventions with stylish strangeness and delightful humor. 

Working closely with OnePlus and Sweetshop, the project was a truly international affair bringing together the best of the best - a Shanghai, Warsaw, Barcelona, Singapore, Tokyo, New York all-star collaboration. The project was shot almost entirely against virtual Unreal Engine environments, blending seamlessly between LED projected and practical sets, converging concept and execution.
OnePlus 01
OnePlus 03
OnePlus 02
OnePlus 04
OnePlus 05
OnePlus 03
OnePlus 09
OnePlus 08
OnePlus 09
OnePlus 10
OnePlus 13
OnePlus 12
OnePlus 13
OnePlus 14
OnePlus 14
Behind The Scenes
One Plus BTS 01
One Plus BTS 03
One Plus BTS 02
One Plus BTS 04
One Plus BTS 07

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Creative Lead OnePlus:
Alexei Golob
Creative Director OnePlus:
Victoria Jin
Producer OnePlus:
Manu Yang
Marketing Resources Department OnePlus:
Shadow Liu
Marketing Project Manager OnePlus:
Dariana Komarova
Directed by:
Sweetshop Shanghai
Dan Shapiro, Alex Topaller
Kajetan Plis
Managing Director & Executive Producer:
Laura Geagea
Ivy Low
Post Producer:
Penny Woo
Production Assistant:
Justin Zheng
Line Production: :
OTO Film Poland
Łukasz Tomasz Kołtunowicz
Production Designer:
Najs Studio
Production Manager:
Jan Białobłocki
Production Assistant:
Karol Nowicki
Offline Editors:
Bartosz Maliszewski, Jason Yantz
Unreal, Design & 2D Animation :
Tigrelab Art Barcelona
Project Lead Tigrelab:
Federico Gonzalez
Post Producer Tigrelab:
Camila Araujo
Vein Poland
Dominik Deras
Post Production:
Heckler Singapore
Executive Producer Heckler:
Vanessa Thomas
Online Artist:
Flame Santos
Mercer Boffey
Audio Post-Production:
Massive Music Tokyo
Director of Creative Development for Asia/APAC:
Tamon Fujimi
Music Composer:
Rick Sakurai
Music Producer:
Junya Terui

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